Bekijk de volledige versie : After 2 hours my PC's get disconnected? Oleg firmware

27-05-2006, 15:12
Hi All.

Just updated to OLEG latest firmware on my Asus WL500G deluxe, but ever since, both me and my girls computer gets disconnected after a couple of hours or so...Then one have to turn off the router and turn it back on - wait a minute - and it's all good again.

Even If the computers haven't been turned on... and the router has been turned on for 2 hours or so, then you can turn on the computer and it won't work...not until you reboot the router???

How can this be? Can I fix it?

Been looking at something called Lease time...but in the router setup I use static IP's and DHCP is therefore not in use... Either way..the "Lease time" in my router setup is 84200 ?

Best Regards