Bekijk de volledige versie : wl500g Deluxe vs. wl500g Premium

25-05-2006, 12:07
Hi there, my first post :)

I wanna know what are the differences between the 2 models. I can't find on asus website an manual for wl500g Premium.
I can't buy the wl-500g deluxe anymore because i can't find it anywhere in my country (they may recieve a transport next week but it's not sure), it's seems that asus didn't produced it anymore.
So i wanna compare the 2 models. Does the Premium model still have linux on it, and external USB ? How can i compare the 2 models with ALL the features.


25-05-2006, 14:18

An inclomplete list of the new features:
- Faster CPU (200MHz -> 266MHz)
- More Flash (4MB -> 8MB)
- Perhaps better Broadcom Mini-PCI WLAN-Card
- Perhaps better USB-Performance
- Download Master Feature (possible with alternative FW on Deluxe, too)

It still runs Linux and it has been reported that OpenWrt runs fine on WL-500g Premium. I will report my results when my WL-500g Premium is here.


27-05-2006, 07:16
thanks very much for your help. The 500g Premium didn't arrive it at the importator so i have to wait maybe a week or two :(. If i understand corectly the Premium model is better then Deluxe one ?

I have to find a manual. :)

Thanks. Neos2k1

27-05-2006, 10:34


27-05-2006, 16:03
Is there any firmware for the new 500g Premium?
Does the firmware for the 500g Deluxe work on the Premium model. It's very important to know.
Thank you for all the help.