Bekijk de volledige versie : Slow php-thttpd

24-05-2006, 18:56
I dont have any special references but i think that my php-thttpd webserver is really slow. It takes about 25 second (within the lan) to display my php-sysinfo page. The same with any other php-based html file.

Is this normal beacuse the limitations of the hardware or do i have a faulty installation?

Ipkg installs on external hd mounted on /opt.

24-05-2006, 22:12
I just had the same problem. I had it running for quite some time, everything fine and quick (also mounted on ext hd in /opt). Last day I turned on the wl500g after 2 weeks of inactivity and php-thttpd was unbelievably slow.

I deinstalled and only then noticed that the ipkg does not work (repository empty, see other threads...:mad: ) so I can't go on researching...

Might be some network related issue, in my case what changed is only the other wireless router that has been replaced and connects via wlan to the wl500g.

As soon as I get back the ipkg i can install and go on researching... (hopefully soon!)


26-05-2006, 20:01
Well, problem solved, at least in my specific case. The php script giving problems was actually phpMp, used to control MusicPD. In the config.php was specified localhost as host where mpd runs, i just had to change it to the numeric ip of the wl500g et voilá.
Basically in my new network configuration (:confused: ) localhost became very hard to resolve...
No clue why, but it works now :D


18-05-2008, 11:09
Old threat but maybe someone could upload the needed directory for phpmp? At the MPD wiki you can get something that needs to be compiled. I mean the directory you put on the webserver. I got php running but i can not compile phpmp.

// alright. i got it. you can download it right at their website at the mpdwiki. Works great. Not sluggish at all on a WLL-HDD.