Bekijk de volledige versie : Asus WL-500g(p) as a wireless sound card?

24-05-2006, 09:38

Im thinking about buying an Asus WL-500g(p). Then i would like to use one of the built in USB ports on the Asus WL-500g(p) as a sound card. In other words i would like to plug in a USB sound card. And remotely play my audio streams from my computer (Ex. from Winamp) to the USB sound card (Plugged into the Asus WL-500g(p) )

I have read that this could be done, is that correct?

Im planning buying this USB sound card, beacuse i want a soundcard with a digital output (SPDIF) :

I have read that it is a good idea to know a little about Linux, but i dont know anything about linux.

Sorry my bad english.... :)


24-05-2006, 09:57
Yes, this can be done: Use the search to find more info. Searchphrase e.g. 'soundcard'

24-05-2006, 10:32
i have tried to search the forums.... But i cant understand the threads in the forum. excample how to update firmware, and installe additional programs to make it work?

24-05-2006, 14:45
I have searched the forums again. But i can only find some old threads about the subject. Ex. People ho have tried to connect an USB soundcard to the Asus WL-500g (Standard version) And the Asus WL-500g (Deluxe version) And then people talk about asus have incoded an Audio driver into the firmware?