Bekijk de volledige versie : WL500g stupid problem :(

23-05-2006, 22:04
Hello people !

After long searches in this forum and lots of lots of testing and experimenting... I got no other chance then to ask for your help !

About 2 months ago I upgraded the firmware of my wl500g to version from asus site.

Absolutely everything worked fine... until now:

Wireless access stoped working.
No "air" led.
If boot router, led works for a few seconds... an then goes off (and so does the WLAN)

With version I got no telnet, but with olegs and other version I could get telnet (I don't understand much of the telnet comands) and I noticed this:
- The first seconds, the "wl status" gives results


- After the led goes off... the "wl status" gives wl driver adapter not found


I have no more ideias, I've tried NVRAM clear and recover firmwares also.

If someone could help, I would be very thankfully !!!

Best regards to you all

24-05-2006, 09:01
Wouldn't be the first time the internal WLAN controller of the wl-500g died. But test one thing ... do a factory reset, put Olegs firmware, set the necessary WLAN parameters. When the WLAN LED is off, connect to router via telnet and type
wl radio on. Does the WLAN LED light up now?

24-05-2006, 19:50
The Eagle,

Thanks for your help, I've tried your idea, the result was:

-sh: radio: not found

"wl adapter not found" mantains :(((

24-05-2006, 21:05
Post your system log, once card disappears.

24-05-2006, 21:13
As I told, I know very much about telnet comands.

How can get the system log ?

Thanks for your help !

24-05-2006, 22:09
Read your user manual and use web interface.

24-05-2006, 23:26
Dear Oleg,

Thanks for your help!

I've read the manual, but mine does not as any section about telnet...

As to system log, using web interface... that of course I know, I assumed you were refering to telnet comands.

I attched the log so it does not get so much text on the post.

Once again, thanks for help !

Best regards

29-05-2006, 23:39
Nobody have any more ideas ???

30-05-2006, 00:27
I've tried more stuff...

Inserted firmware 1653-5 customized from files.wl500.info

I get one stuff diferent, in wireless log:

SSID : default
Channel : Fail: cmd=0x1d (-1)
Authentication: Open System or Shared Key
Encryption : None
STA1 Fail:
STA2 cmd=0x9f
STA3 (-1)

With the other firmwares I only got this:

Mode : AP Only
Channel : 0

My questions are:

- How can I manually install new wireless driver ?

- Is it possible to do a complete format e re-install firmware ?

How... ?


30-05-2006, 10:45
Man... You don't have to use telnet! Use web interface. It has nice System log screen.

30-05-2006, 10:49
According to your log, wifi card was never detected during this cycle. So, looks like it's dead...

30-05-2006, 11:34
Dear Oleg,

I could assume wifi was dead... but that does dot explain the fact that wifi works for a few minutes... and then dies !

I'm using web interface for system logs.

My idea, because I saw some posts in forum about this, was to remove WL Driver and the install it again, the problem is I don't know how ?

Other thing was to "hard format" router and install firmware again... but also don't know how...

Thanks for your help

30-05-2006, 12:28
Well, according to your log wifi is not detected at all.

Flashing the firmware updates "driver" too, and it's not a problem. Tyr ressetting to defaults and if it does not help - either put the router to trashcan or disassemble it and check miniPCI.