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07-05-2006, 11:56

Im all new to this and am trying to find out the how behind building in new drivers to the firmware (if possible). I am running Windows at present and have been googling all th openwrt tutorials and the like. is there a way to add drivers to the firmware or can you compile an extra driver on to the .trx then flash it?????? As i said I am new to this I know a few things but am missing a lot. If there are threads which explain this if you could point me to em as i did search but to no avail (proberly looking for th wrong thing).

I have installed Putty and Python and have a basic understanding. Have looked at Openwrt but am a bit scared to start messing around with it.


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07-05-2006, 20:38
Look here


and try to compile Olegs latest firmware yourself. If you not only follow the tutorial,but try to understand what is done why, you'll know a lot more about the whole stuff after. And you will be able to answer the basic question (possible to add driver to firmware?) yourself. (No you won't be able to write a driver yourself, but let's start slow ;) )

07-05-2006, 22:24
:D Thanks for that when i said about the driver thingy i meant going on a web site getting the source code and adding it in to the firmware if possible, even the thought of trying to compile a driver myself sounds abit scaryto me. The tutorial is being read as we speak and will be af great use thanks again Scottietohottie. Always been a problem of mine running before i can crawl :D


So i may have said i knew the basics, but having gone through the tutorial i found there were some dead links and that i actually know very little. It looks as though this was written with a linux OS in mind. Is there a package which can be installed on windows to emulate the linux operations or is a live boot disk thingy that is the order of the day or can i simply use a programme like python or pascal or somin in windows to the same job???????

God Window users are so lazy and bone idol. You say M$ I say LazySoft.

08-05-2006, 09:50
Well you won't get around that Linux-Stuff. But guess what, I'm a slave to MS myself :D, and so I can tell you what to do. But that includes some more work before you get where you want. Forget about live-cd's... go www.colinux.org . You can setup a Linux machine right in your windows, and while it's compiling stuff you can continue to use windows. And it's free :)

In the wiki is a lot of questions answered (and since the project is designed to run in windows, they don't tell you to SwitchTheHellToLinuxNoob ;) )

Oh and I can recommend using the debian-image. Works fine for what I need (ok actually I'm compiling OpenWrt not Oleg's FW on it, but it should do that fine as well). You'll need to add a lot of packages, but you'll usually know which when the time comes (e.g. a configure script complains about missing dependency). And you'll need to resize the original 1GB image to 5 or better 10GB, but you can read the wiki to find out how.

Edit: feel free to add me in ICQ and ask if you have problems ... might have some more hints :) .

And don't be scared to try ... you sound almost like me when I got my wl-500gx. I was able to make it work, and so will you.