Bekijk de volledige versie : Problems with USB Key and External USB 2.0 HDD

05-05-2006, 10:59
I have WL-500gx with Oleg's Firmware.

I originally set it up as an AP on my existing Wireless Network (802b). I attached a Kingston Data Traveller II (256Mb) mounted it as /opt and used Samba to allow my Windows XP PC to browse and write to it. I also used ipkg to install the following:-

ftpd-topfield (for connecting to my Topfield PVR)

Last weekend, having upgraded to a new Laptop with 802g, I removed my old 802b Router and set my Asus up as a Home Gateway. During this process I reset the Asus to Factory Defaults and in doing so lost the flashfs. I started from scratch and have now got it back to almost where it was but I have 2 problems:-

1. I am unable to write to the USB Key via Samba as I keep getting a Write Protect error.

2. I can access my Topfield PVR using Puppy but I am unable to use Filezilla to connect to it from my Windows XP PC

Finally, I have just taken delivery of a Western Digital My Book 250gb External USB2.0 HDD. I have connected it to the Asus in addition to the USB Key and the Topfield (using a USB2.0 4 port Hub). The disk appears when I use df but I am unable to mount it or read and write to it via Samba. I would like this disk to be accessible to both the Asus and my Windows XP PC as I intend to use it as Network storage to replace the harddrive on my current desktop and also as a backup drive for my Topfield so I can download recordings to keep enough free space on the Topfield hardrive.

Can someone give me some guidance on:-

1. how to connect a USB Key and format it so it can be browsed and written to from both the Asus (via Telnet) and a Windows PC via Samba. I've followed the Tutorial on this site but it doesn't seem to have worked 2nd time round.

2. how to add an additional external HDD.

3. connecting to a Topfield PVR with Filezilla (although I realise that there may not be many people with experience of the Topfield on this site).