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27-04-2006, 08:55
Hi guys

I have three computers regularly connecting to my WL-500g Deluxe (FW: Olegs version), two are laptops and one is a desktop. The desktop is set up with a permanent IP ***.102, and I'd like to have the laptops as *.100 and *.101 respectively. The problem is, both laptops are also frequently used at work, where they must get automatically assigned IPs from the companies dhcp server. At home, I'd like each laptop to always have the same internal IP, so I can make easy use of port forwarding. One Laptop is running XP, the other SuSE 10.0.
In addition, some of my friends sometimes bring their laptops over, and I'd like to have a dhcp running so they can easily plug into my home LAN.

So, on the 500g, under 'IP Config' --> 'DHCP Server', I set up a list of the NIC Mac Adresses and desired IP adresses of the three boxes. I've swithed to 'Enable Manual Assignment - Yes', set the IP Pool start and end to *.100 / *.105, saved, applied and restarted the wl-500g. But still the first computer to start up get's the *.100 IP, then the *.101 etc. The MAC # table is totally ignored. What's wrong here?

Oh, just for clarification, this is all wired networking we're talking about here. I currently have the wireless function turned off.

27-04-2006, 22:14
The DHCP pool must start outside of the manually assigned range (in your case DHCP range should start from .103

But this probably doesn't solve your problem with the manual assignment not working. Did you enter the MACs without any ":" or "-" between the hex numbers? Should look like this in the webinterface: 001122334455, not like this: 00-11-22-33-44-55 or 00:11:22:33:44:55. (Actually I'm not even sure if the webinterface lets you enter wrong values, have no firmware to check it ;) )