Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-WHD Change to WL-HDD

03-03-2006, 17:55
First i want to thanks flupp, he post how change yakumo wireless storage 60 to a asus WL-HDD. With that info is was possible to change the WL-WHD to WL-HDD.

Here it go's.

- download last original ASUS firmware from internet, not the other versions from oleg
- assign a fixed IP Adress for WL-WHD in Setuppage, such as
- put WL-WHD on LAN (by cable!, wireless doesn´t work)
- press the button on back of device at least 5 seconds until the power lamp turns of, after some seconds all lamps are off: the device is off
- pull the power cable
- press and hold the button an put the power cable in, wait some seconds until the power lamp start to blink, release the button
- device is now in "update"-mode
-Instal the WL-HDD Utils form the asus CDrom.
- start the software "firmware restoration"
(Start menu -> programmas -> asus ulity -> wirelles HDD -> Firmware Restoration
- insert the path to the downloaded asus firmware
- press upload -> the upload should be start
- after this procedure you and rebooting your device you can go the the setup page and you will see the asus wl-hdd setup
- from this point you can install all other firmware versions including the ons from oleg via the setup page
- if you like to use the drive with twonky: it runs, no problem

09-05-2006, 15:14

Is it possible with this instructions to get one of the oleg firmware on a WL-HMD ??