Bekijk de volledige versie : USB Auto Copy after Upgrading to Oleg's Firmware

26-02-2006, 23:21
Where does the "usbpart00x" go to when I plug in a usb flash drive? If in my smb.conf file, I have set my home path as:

writeable= yes
browseable= yes

how do I configure the unit so when I plug in a usb flash drive, the usb folders are created in /opt/home/files?

In the original firmware, the usb folders are placed under "part1". I've tried changing [home] into [part1], but that doesn't work.

I've accessed the drive using telnet and looked through the directories and I didn't see any usb directories created in either /opt or /tmp/harddisk or any other subdirectories. Watching the lights on the unit after plugging the flash drive, I see the HDD light flash once and that's it. I'm not even sure if its copying at all.

Is autocopy still enabled with oleg's firmware?