Bekijk de volledige versie : Wrong Workgroup

22-02-2006, 11:36
Last night I had a strange experience. I use the WL-HDD with the latest ASUS-Firmware I changed the workgroup a few weeks ago into "DJansWG", where all my computers are placed. Everything works fine.

Last night I did not find the WL-HDD in "DJansWG". I checked the network from the Windows Explorer and there appears a Workgroup named "WORKGROUP" with the WL-HDD in it. I know that this is the factory standard of the WL-HDD. What happened? I thought: Maybe the settings deleted ot reset to factory settings by something or the settings are not loaded. But I changed nothing and did not open the config page of the firmware.

Again: I changed nothing. Today I switched on the WL-HDD and then it was correctly visible in "DJansWG" as it should be.

How could it be possible that the WL-HDD was one day in the wrong workgroup??? Possible Firmware Bug?


23-02-2006, 10:35
Hi DJans,

... sometimes this happens if wlhdd detects a missconfiguration after reboot (changing parameters) or switching it on after power down ... it restores factoty settings ...

I have the same problems in V1.2.3.4 or before ... after flashing upgrade to a new version ... some wrong informations in vram or configuration files ... I have to restore to factory settings ...

maybe it will help to flash firmware with restauration tool ... some problems with v1.2.3.9 result on this false settings in configuration ... but this is only a guess, not reconstuctable :-(

Hope ASUS will release the sourcecode for v1.2.3.9 ... it will be nice to make own fwimage with own default settings :-)

Good luck