Bekijk de volledige versie : wl-500gx - wl-100g deluxe

13-02-2006, 17:34
after "playing" around more than a month with my centrino notebook (intel wireless 2200bg and Oleg doesn't work!), i decided to get a wl-100g deluxe card to solve all my problems!

BUT, unfortunalety this one is NOT working with the Oleg FW on the 500gx! i really don't know, what i've done wrong! for testing no encryption, automatic or given channel, w/o 54g protection...

i'm really disappointed. don't know what to do!
who can help me?
i tried allready the last asus drivers for the 100gx. :confused:

which broadcom chipset is used for the wl-100gx, which driver broadcom driver may i use!?