Bekijk de volledige versie : can i do NAT on lan users to Wifi users?

31-05-2004, 16:23
i am connected to the internet via wifi (AP mode) and have a few PC on lan (switch is connected to lan (not wlan) port on AP) is it possible to NAT lan users over wifi? THNX

31-05-2004, 16:45
Use client mode in the custom firmware to get the NAT.

31-05-2004, 16:55
cant use client mode:

1.i have AP (AP mode) and few PC on lan
2.ISP have anthena and uses client mode (pci card or whatever)
3.other people use client mode to connect to AP to share internet connection

4! and i want to protect my pc's on lan via NAT

ps: dont want to build backbone to ISP
pps: maybe also shaping won't be bad :o)

31-05-2004, 19:22
Ok, there is no soution out of the box. Using custom firmware you need to:

setup wireless firewall (this would create separate WLAN net)
delete the default route via WAN using bootCmds
add new default route via WLAN using bootCmds
masquarade everything going via this route

31-05-2004, 22:48
ok thanx

i will use one pc on my lan as NAT/ROUTER like i have it now and use this great AP like ordinary AP :o(((