Bekijk de volledige versie : wl500b & netmeeting

30-05-2004, 19:16
I have wl500b, setup as home gateway

wan adress is public (eg.

I put one client in DMZ

when client call other client on internet , and other way around , network not established allways connection on port 1503, there is no sharing, file transver... But audio and video work

I thing there is some BUG in software.

when I call from internet and

paket route is
public - public port 1720, 49567, 1503 (work)

but when packe route is

public - public port 1720 49567
public - local port 1503 ( not work )

all see in packet snifer software on client

I upload firmware from this forum , work mutch beter, but problem with netmeeting is here.

is there any solution for this problem.