Bekijk de volledige versie : wireless ethernet bridge to dbox2 (olegs firmware)

27-01-2006, 10:54
Hi @ all,

sorry for another wlan "ethernet bridge" post, but I am not able to get it work with the latest oleg firmware.

The goal is, that my dbox2 can connect to the internet and I can also access the dbox from my PC (infrastructure below).

Can somebody please help me configuring the latest oleg firmware to get this work?

My infrastructure is like this:

dbox2 (IP: - NetworkCable - WL-HDD (IP:

WL-HDD - wireless - Draytek AP (IP: / SSID:draytek / Channel:1 / I disabled WEP, MAC etc) wich has the internet connection

PC (IP: - NetworkCable - Draytek AP

thx - ringman -

31-01-2006, 21:40
OK, I got it! Now everything works fine!

- ringman -