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25-05-2004, 23:39

first of all, let me congratulate you guys for the excellent forum (it helped me a lot on some issues).
I tried to search for this, but found no thread on the subject (sorry if Iím wrong :rolleyes: )...
How should i setup my Linux box (Mandrake 10.0) to use my printer (HP OfficeJet T65) connected to wl-500g (already tested has ok, using windows XP)?

Thank you

26-05-2004, 13:31
This depends on the printing system you're using. The keyword is JetDirect/SocketAPI.

26-05-2004, 20:06
I tried option Network Printer (TCP/Socket) with settings:

Port: 9100

but it didn't work, is 9100 the default port in wl-500g for the printer ?

26-05-2004, 20:59
Sorry, which firmware you're using? If it's an ASUS firmware - use lpr, otherwise jetdirect with ports 9100 for LPT, 9101 for USB.

28-05-2004, 20:08
Not sure about Mandrake. In RedHat 8, I specified "Unix Printer (lpd Queue)", with the server as, and a Queue of "LPRServer". Not sure what you'll need to choose for a driver, I chose "lxm3200" as I have a LexMark Z22. Works like a champ.

28-05-2004, 23:31
Oleg: my router's firmware is (Asus original), sorry for my delayed answer.

bscottsmith: that's it, it works very similar in Mandrake 10.

For users with mandrake that wish to setup your printer, this is what i did:

1-> execute in bash, "drakprint" (as root).
2-> in the drakprint interface, click the "Add Printer" icon.
3-> Click next
4-> Select option "Printer on remote lpd server", deselect checkbox "Printer auto-detection..." and click next.
5-> Remote Hostname: (or whatever address you gave your router)
Remote Printer: LPRServer
6-> Name of Printer: Printer (or whatever you like)
Description: HP_Epson_whatever
Location: Home, WC :D
7-> Choose your printer driver, or supply the printer PPD and click next
8-> Select your page Size, and Printout Mode, click Next
9-> Select it has you default printer, if you wish. click next.
10-> Select Print a test page and click next.
11-> If something came out of the printer, you got it!

29-05-2004, 10:14
Ok, now I see. My suggestions was for custom firmwares.