Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-HDD enable wlan radio with reset button / reset default?

20-01-2006, 18:52
Hi :-)

... maybe this was discussed before ... but could not find the thread again ...

my firmware original asus - tried but problems after upgrade :-(

Is it possible to enable radio other than webinterface or telnet?

The problem in my holiday was I want to connect my sharp pda cl860 with wlhdd via wlan, but made a terrible mistake (because I forgot to enable wlan at home while connected via network cable) ...

my only chance I saw (at fuerteventura) was to reset to default settings (with radio enabled) ... dammed but could not reset to default settings ...

1. tried it with reset button on power connect while startup ... nothing

2. tried to remove battery inside ... nothing

3. tried to get the wlhdd into an status by pulling out the powerplug while wlhdd is booting ... nothing

now I'm back at home ... my wlhdd is ok and works again after enabling radio through cable networkconnect :-)

Anybody knows how to change the function of the reset button for enabling / disabling wlan radio? Maybe unchange the function pressing long time for reset / pressing on startup for "factory default" ?

What about this function on olegs software?


20-06-2007, 10:38
I also would give a strong vote for this feature! I need the WLAN interface only from time to time.