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23-05-2004, 16:55
I am running a Bulletproof-ftp server on one of my computers, i can connect to it from my local ip's , but not via internet. I got one of my friends to try and connect and he couldn't connect either.

I have tried forwarding port 20:21 through virtual server, and also i have tried using different ports, like 5999, but i still can't connect.

And yes, i have established user accounts and given them access rights. I just can't get in touch with the server at all. Any suggestions?

Edit: I have also tried to probe the ports via www.grc.com (shields up), and all the ports are stealthed or closed, even if i have forwarded the ports through virtual server.

24-05-2004, 00:54
Have you checked that you have forwarded the passive mode ports ?
I had to do this. Because the ftp-server program by default "grabs any free port" for passive mode, you might have to tell Bulletproof-ftp to use a certain range of ports as passive mode. I'm using glftpd on my linux computer, and i have told it to use 33000-34000 as passive mode ports.

This is my setup. NAT SETTING -> Virtual server

Local.ip Port range Protocol Description 5656 BOTH FTP server port 33000-34000 BOTH Passive mode ports

PS! There is a way to calculate the passive mode ports, but it's easier if you just can force the ftp server to use a given range. Your range should be at least 300, this depends on the number of users on the ftp-server.

(Custom firmware by Oleg)

24-05-2004, 16:44
I have forwarded ports 50000:50100 as passive ports. I see that you use Both for protocol, but i have used only TCP for protocol, is this maybe the problem?

24-05-2004, 20:16
I don't know.. but just test it