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15-01-2006, 17:46

I have bought a WL-HMD ! (NOT WL-HDD). But I can't see this "WireLess Home Media Drive" on the Asus' web site nor in Google's results ?

Is there anybody knowing something about this box ? Is it compatible with your customized firmware ?

It is really closed to the WL-HDD (same box, same web interface), but it has a media server "on board". My problem is that the Dixim Media Client delivered with it does not detect the server (*). So, I am looking for some additional documentation (nothing usefull has been delivered with the box :( )

Thank you very much in advance for any information.


(*) Everything else is working fine.

25-01-2006, 19:36
As Asus has not yet been able to help me, I have tried to upgrade the firmware, both with the latest WL-HDD firmware from Asus ( and with you latest custom firmware.

Unfortunatly, I get a fatal error while uploading any of them on the WL-HMD.

Firmware Upgrade Fail !
Firmware upgrade fail. It may result from incorrect image, error transmission, or low memory level. Please check the version of firmare, reboot system and try again.

It's probably normal, as it's a firmware for the WL-HDD and not for the WL-HMD.

I hope a true help from Asus. Currently, their answers are quite useless.


Here is my conversasion with Asus. Just for information is another user like me visit your website, looking for information about the WL-HMD.

Indeed... it has a "Linux format"...

But I thought it was normal, as the WL-HMD's firmware is based on a Linux system! Moreover, Windows is able to access the drive through Samba (As I explained, I can copy/paste files to the drives)...

I have also to confirm again that the Wifi connection works fine and I can use the Disk Share (opened through the page of the WL-HMD) to access the share folders.
Only the Media Client cannot connect to the device. It's the reason why I wonder if the Media server is well running!

Anyway... I did as you asked!

But as there is no configuration page on the WL-HMD to format the drive with a Windows partitions, I have removed the disk from the WL-HMD and I have connected it on my PC (with a HDD 2.5 USB case).
Then, I have formatted the disk with the FAT32 (LBA) mode. (I didn't format with NTFS as a Linux system cannot write on it. It can only read a NTFS partition, isn’t?).
Finally, I have put back the disk in the WL-HMD box and I have plugged the power.

My PC has immediately detected the Wifi Access Point of the WL-HMD. So, I have run the DiXim Media Client... But again, it does not see any Media Server?!?

Again, I am sure that the drive is accessible from my PC, as, through the Wifi connection, I am able to copy MP3 files on the WL-HMD's drive.
Through this Wifi connection, the WL-HMD gives me the IP and gives a default gateway = me 192.1168.1.220 (its own IP).

I bought the WL-HMD instead of the WL-HDD BECAUSE it has a Media Server included. Therefore, I really want make it works.

Thank you for your help,


PS. : The GeexBox is a LINUX media client ! According to your explanation, it should have been able to connect to the WL-HMD without any problem... But it couldn't...

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Date:2006-01-24 15:08:35

Dear Customer,

The hard disk is formatted using Linux partitions(EXT2). It cannot be connected directly to a Windows system without reformatting. Reformatting will erase all your data. Please back up the data before reformatting.

ASUS Customer Service Center (Shanghai)

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From: OgeGoon

You mean FAT, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, or ... ???

I don't have to choose such a partition format.
I just press the button "Apply" on the configuration page titled : "Storage Setting - Disk Tool".
Here is a screenshot of this configuration page : http://www.alisce.be/OgeGOon/DiskTool.jpg

Here is a screenshot of the formatting process : http://www.alisce.be/OgeGOon/Formatting.jpg
A screenshot of the confirmation : http://www.alisce.be/OgeGOon/Commit.jpg
And finally, the drive restart : http://www.alisce.be/OgeGOon/End.jpg

These are screenshots of the 4 steps I have to accomplish in order to format the WL-HMD.

Even if the drive is not well formatted, I should be able to detect the WL-HMD's Media Server, isn't it



I have tried to detect this Media Server with the GeexBox (Another Media Client). It does not see the
Server neither.

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Date:2006-01-19 17:42:22

Dear Customer,

Could you please tell me which format do you use on the WL-HDD?

ASUS Customer Service Center (Shanghai)

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From: OgeGoon

Hi Penny. Thank you for your answer !

To be sure, I have rebuilt the partition with the WL-HDD disk tool. I have seen the progress status
message: "formatting part1: xxx%". And at the end, I have clicked on the "Save & Restart" button.
Then, I have checked the Status and there was the message "File system ready" as expected.

Finally, I have started the "DiXiM Media Client" (installed from the bundled utility CD). Unfortunatelly, I
still had the message "Cannot find any Media Server standing by."

On the WL-HDD's configuration page "Shared nodes", both "Enable Media Server?" and "Enable
UPnP Advertisement? " are set to "Yes".
As there was no "shared nodes", I have added "part1" and "part1/shared_media" as "shared
nodes" with read and write rights for the Guest user (I finally clicked on the "Finish" button). Next, I
have restarted the DiXim client. But again, no Media Server was found :(

In order to be sure that the drive is reacheable, I have transfered some pictures on its part1 and I can
see these pictures using IE. So, I am sure that the drive is running fine. The problem is just with the
connection between the DiXim Media client and the drive...

How can I be sure that the Media Server is well installed and running on my WL-HMD ?



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Date:2006-01-17 19:23:59

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.
My name is Penny and I would be assisting you today.

Please make sure that WL-HDD is formated by WL-HDD disk tool. Also, check the "Status&Log"
and make sure status is "File system ready". Then please have a test again.

Hope it will help!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to refer FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) for ASUS products in ASUS website:

If you have any other problems, please don't hesitate to let me know. Let's discuss together.
Thank you for using ASUS products and enjoying services!

ASUS Customer Service Center (Shanghai)

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Apply date : 1/16/2006 12:45:12 AM

[Product Information]
*Product Type : Wireless
*Product Model : WL-HDD2.5
*Product S/N : 5BIME14690
Place of Purchase :
*Date of Purchase : 2005/12/28

*Operating System : WinXP

[Problem Description]
I have installed the Media Client delivered with my WL-HMD (firmware
I can access the web interface on and see the part1 folder on \\WL-HMD. I have
created a "media_share" folder there.
But, when I start the Media Client, It displays "Can not find any Media Server standing by".
I can not find any documentation on how to make it works ?! Could you help me ?


26-01-2006, 23:44
If it's any consolation to you I got exactly the same answers from 'Penny' when I had some queries recently about my WL-HDD! As far as I can tell he/she/it is only able to offer two or three suggestions that all hinge on formatting!! Useless!!!

But I'm afraid can't offer any suggestions for solving your problems.

27-01-2006, 01:12
could you supply us with some photo's of the Box and device please?

27-01-2006, 23:41
Here are some pictures (Choose the best ones or you give me some advices to take better pictures if needed :o ). Bigger sizes should be available "on click".

http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3444_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3444_resize.jpg)

http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3446_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3446_resize.jpg) http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3449_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3449_resize.jpg) http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3450_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3450_resize.jpg)

http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3452_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3452_resize.jpg) http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3455_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3455_resize.jpg) http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3458_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3458_resize.jpg)

http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3460_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3460_resize.jpg) http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3466_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3466_resize.jpg) http://www.pixee.net/mini/dscn3467_resize.jpg (http://www.pixee.net/dscn3467_resize.jpg)

Sjdigital, Asus does as many other manufacturers. They have a first level helpdesk "for dummies". After a while, you go to the next level... Yesterday, after quite a long conversation with another helpdesk (NOT ASUS), I finally received this message (Ie. :I go to next level) :

Dear Customer,

We will like to bring this new issue to the attention of our Research & Development department for a extended test.
We request you to give us the time to improve this. We will contact you with more information about it.

Sorry for the caused inconvenients.


I know, it’s not related with the current topic… but it was such a funny answer!


28-01-2006, 00:22

Have you got your WL-HMD working again (apart from the media server) after the firmware upgrade problem?

And out of curiosity, what is the benefit of having mediaserver software on the storage device? Can you not simply play the music or video file stored there from the client PC using whatever player software you like? At the moment I use my WL-HDD to store my mp3 files and simply play them either using my laptop or using my separate media player device. I can't work out what additional benefit having mediaserver software would bring.

31-01-2006, 22:40
Yes, my WL-HMD is still working fine. Fortunately, the upgrade of the firmware didn't start.

And I totally agree with you; I could watch movies and listen music just by mounting a shared directory on my laptop.
But I insisted on this feature mainly because I don’t want a answer like “At least, the other functions are working“ from Penny

Moreover, I think that a media server gives some advantages, at least as soon as several users are connected:
- More efficient network throughput (using UDP connection)
- So, better audio and video quality
- ...

Therefore, I intended to make some tests... just to “see”.... As the HD 2,5” inside the box is slow, there should be a difference between the “streaming” and the "mounting" solutions.


PS. : No news from Penny :/

01-02-2006, 13:38
As the HD 2,5” inside the box is slow, there should be a difference between the “streaming” and the "mounting" solutions.


PS. : No news from Penny :/

I still can't get to grips with the streaming versus file sharing business. Why would streaming potentially offer better performance in the circumstances where the device is so slow. And surely it's the WL-HDD that's slow, not the HD. Is the constraint not the bandwidth of the device?

And I think you've probably heard the last of Penny!!

03-02-2006, 23:06
Well, I am really not an expert in IT... But I guess that the protocol of media streaming has been optimized to send data on demand with a better throughput, including optimize compression, error control, ... ??!!

People are often speaking about reducing the bandwidth of video and audio across networks be using a streaming server... but maybe that divx and mp3 are not concerned as far as they are already compressed?...

At least, I know that streaming is based on the UDP protocol instead of TCP. Probably that the Media Client and the Server Client have to take care about the delivery guarantee of the packets... But UDP has better performances than TCP and is less CPU consumer (1.5 faster and 10% less CPU… but I am not sure).


Indeed, no news from Penny.. But I know two guys who have also the WL-HMD. I am waiting for their feedback...

05-02-2006, 01:23
is there any difference in hardware between wl-hmd and wl-hdd? is the wl-hmd superior than wl-hdd? or is it just that the wl-hmd has a different firmware installed?

05-02-2006, 22:28
When I go on the first page of this WL-HMD (I.E.:, the name "ASUS Wireless HDD" is displayed.

Nevertheless, on the home page (I.E.:, I read the title "Asus WL-HMD". And on the page "Upgrade Firmware", in the "System Setting" (I.E.:, I can read : "Product ID: WL-HMD"

So, I guess it's only a modified version of the WL-HD's firmware...


12-03-2006, 07:43
One month after my last query, Penny sent me a latest answer. This one is very very interresting for you... Indeed, she told me :

Dear Customer,

I'm sorry to reply your letter so late. Sorry for any inconvenience that caused to you. After a testing about media server of WL-HDD2.5, I'm sorry that WL-HDD2.5 doesn't support media server function. Sorry for any inconvenience that caused to you.

That's such a great news! So guys, don't lose your time to try to connect to your HL-HDD2.5 with the Dixim media Client!

Mhhh.. now, I will try to explain that 2 monthes ago, I told her I had a WL-HMD (and NOT a WL-HDD), and I will send a copy of the manual where it's written that the WL-HMD HAS a builtin media server :D


12-03-2006, 10:29
Priceless! Keep us posted.

13-03-2006, 20:09
Hi OgeGOon!

I am playing with the same box atm. They sold it as "ASUS 40GB Wireless LAN HDD 802.11G,54Mbps", for a very good price (Eur 50,- incl. a 40GB 5400RPM hdd).

From searching Google and this forum, it seems we are pretty unique :)

Penny and her colleagues have not answered to my question for a new rubber "foot" for the device (this is missing) yet, so my experience is not much better.

I would like to play with a firmware upgrade, but it seems there is no official way to get firmware (incl. the media server) back after that (see my other thread for more info). Once I have tat sorted, I'll go experiment.

15-03-2006, 10:25
See WL-HDD Firmware Releases -> WL-WHD Change to WL-HDD ;)

16-03-2006, 02:38
1) to get the DiXiM media client software to run correctly, I had to edit a .ini file in the application dir (on the WinXP computer running the client application. Change the 1 in the before-last line to 2 and copy the last line & edit the IP address there to reflect your WL-HDD IP address. It now detects the WL-HDD, IF the media server is running on it. So much for uPNP :-)
2) to check if the media server is running, do a ps -aux in the "backdoor" or telnet window. If there are a few entries like
95 0 S /tmp/dmsf/dmsf root /tmp/dmsf /tmp/dmsf.pid
your media server is running I think. I believe this because I compared two WL-HMD's, one that was detected by the DiXiM client and one that was not. In the one that was not detected, the /tmp/dmsf directory exists but it is empty, and probably there should be a difference somewhere in the init scripts. Alternatively, check the "DMS Version" field in the firmware upgrade page in the web manager; this field ("1.1" in one of my boxes) is taken directly from a file in /tmp/dmsf/ .

If the server is running, it appears to listen on port 30001.

The DiXiM client software is not fantastic, by the way: the interface is (probably in large part due to communication with the WL-HDD) very, very slow and too dumbed down for a PC screen (but will probably work reasonably well on a TV).

19-03-2006, 13:04
Welcome on board ZPottr ;)
And thank you for this information ! I will have a look at it immediately.

Here is my latest answer to Penny :

I understand that the WL-HDD2.5 doesn't support media server function.
But my device is a WL-HMD. And it has a built-in media server.

Moreover, this week, I sent a complaint about the technical support to their commercial support... And two days ago, I have got some news from Asus :

Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting ASUS Customer Service.
My name is Sally and I would be assisting you today.
We are checking your circumstances. Please don't worry. We will help you to solve problem together. ^_^

It is maybe not hopeless :rolleyes:


19-03-2006, 14:10

One more thing: the media software seems to reside in partition 2 on the disk, which is mounted to /tmp/dmsf :
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part2 on /tmp/dmsf type ext3 (rw)

The partition available for my stuff is partition 5:
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part5 on /tmp/harddisk/part1 type ext3 (rw)

Which probably explains why my second box does not run the media server anymore: I repartitioned the disk :)

So contrary to a WL-HDD, repartitioning a WL-HMD can impair some of the functionality... beware if you want to keep it.

19-03-2006, 16:52
As Penny told me to reformat the drive, it has actually already been done several times... Now, I have 4 partitions... (Formatting has been done through the web manager's interface). part1, part2, part3 and part4 have all been added in the "Shared Nodes List". And I have a user (in lower case) named as my Windows user, with the same password.

A Telnet can't connect to the device. I have tried the port 23 as well as 30000 and 30001. Any connection failed. (Notice; I can detect the WL-HMD with the Asus' "Device Discovery", open the Web Manager or connect to the ftp server...)

I have double checked that both "Media Server" and "UPnP Advertisement" are enabled in the page "Storage Setting - Shared Nodes". But “ps –aux” via the backdoor shows no processes named “dmsf” :

PID Uid Stat Command
1 0 S init noinitrd
2 0 S [keventd]
3 0 R [ksoftirqd_CPU0]
4 0 S [kswapd]
5 0 S [bdflush]
6 0 S [kupdated]
7 0 S [mtdblockd]
46 0 S infosvr br0
51 0 S httpd
63 0 Z [nas]
85 0 S stupid-ftpd
90 0 S upnp -D -L br0 -W br0
104 0 S [khubd]
119 0 S udhcpc -i br0 -p /var/run/udhcpc.pid -s /tmp/udhcpc
121 0 S smbd -D
123 0 S nmbd -D
137 0 S sh -c ps -aux > /tmp/syscmd.log

No Telnet daemon, no Media Server ?!? Nevertheless, I have modified the DmClient.ini according to the IP address of my WL-HMD (the IP displayed by the Asus' Device Discovery):

But as expected, The DiXim Media Client detects no Media Server (There is "No Media Server Standing by" and the Media Server List displayed by DiXim is empty).

Typing “df” in the BackDoor, I get:

Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs 7460 7460 0 100% /
/dev/root 7460 7460 0 100% /
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part2 155555 4115 151440 3% /tmp/dmsf
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part5 15124868 32812 15092056 0% /tmp/harddisk/part1
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part6 15124868 32812 15092056 0% /tmp/harddisk/part2
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part7 15124868 32812 15092056 0% /tmp/harddisk/part3
/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part8 12088692 32812 12055880 0% /tmp/harddisk/part4

But I have checked the “DMS version” field in my “Firmware Upgrade page”… And it is empty !? So… Is the Media Server Installed or not in /tmp/dmsf?

Via the BackDoor, I typed “pwd” and got the current path. It is /www. Then, I tried to go up to / (I typed “cd ..”), but it does not work. Neither “cd /tmp”, “cd /dev”, … :(
Why? Should I mount something manually? Which command may I use (I am not an expert with Linux).

Mhhh… Should I try to explain all of this to Sally :)


19-03-2006, 19:46
A Telnet can't connect to the device. I have tried the port 23 as well as 30000 and 30001. Any connection failed. (Notice; I can detect the WL-HMD with the Asus' "Device Discovery", open the Web Manager or connect to the ftp server...)

See http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=42 ; by default, there's no telnetd running.

I have double checked that both "Media Server" and "UPnP Advertisement" are enabled in the page "Storage Setting - Shared Nodes". But “ps –aux” via the backdoor shows no processes named “dmsf” :
Same probl;em as my second box, I guess. What I find curious is that partition 2 still exists, but somehow got wiped while making the extended partitions.

But as expected, The DiXim Media Client detects no Media Server (There is "No Media Server Standing by" and the Media Server List displayed by DiXim is empty).
This is normal if no server is running.

But I have checked the “DMS version” field in my “Firmware Upgrade page”… And it is empty !? So… Is the Media Server Installed or not in /tmp/dmsf?
I thin you'll find this directory is empty.

Via the BackDoor, I typed “pwd” and got the current path. It is /www. Then, I tried to go up to / (I typed “cd ..”), but it does not work. Neither “cd /tmp”, “cd /dev”, … :(
This doesn't work through the web interface. Either use telnet or ls the complete path (ls -alF /tmp/dmsf/ for example)

If you destroyed the files belonging to the media server and Sally doesn't solve it, we'll arrange for a way to get a copy to you.

19-03-2006, 20:42
By the way, when 'installing' the telnetd:
You have a few Ext2/3 partitions available, which means you can put the binaries there and change permissions. this wouldn't work with Fat or similar, hence the copying to /tmp in the link I pointed to. Also, for me just running telnetd was enough (busybox is already there). So
* copy telnetd from post linked above to e.g. /tmp/harddisk/part1/ ; you can do this from your PC.
* "chmod a+x /tmp/harddisk/part1/telnetd"
* "/tmp/harddisk/part1/telnetd &"
* On PC: Start -> Run -> cmd -> telnet 192.168.1.whatever
Good luck.

20-03-2006, 01:16
Indeed, /tmp/dmsf/ is empty (Checked wiht ls -alF /tmp/dmsf/)

Well.. At least, telnetd is now installed and running :cool: ! (Binaries copied from my USBKey into the /tmp... ). There is so much to read and learn on this forum :o

I have sent this piece of information to Sally and asked her to get the Media Server's files and the procedure to start it automatically...

Thanks again for you very valuable help !


23-03-2006, 00:27
Yes... I can nearly see the light...

At least, I really appreciate the help from Sally!

We have tested WL-HMD and then it is no problem.

Please follow the steps to try to test.
1. Please upgrade firmware You can find it in the attachment which I send.
2. Please format the hard disk drive with disk tools on WL-HDD (note: it will lose your data in the disk, please copy the file to another disk before format)
3. Then please copy the media file (.tar) to part1 and then click “reset” to default configuration
4. Please use DMA to find the media server
5. The media files are to placed in part1/dmsf_share folder

Now... I am waiting for a response to my new request :

I am sorry, but there was no attachment in your email ?!
(Notice : I use Outlook 2003 and usually have no problem receiving attachements)

Could you resend them ?



Edit on 24/03/2006 : Everything is now OK !!! I have received the files and just followed the instructions given by Sally to reinstall the media server.
Notice :
- At step 5, the media files (sounds, pictures, videos, ...) have to be placed in a existing folder named "media_server".
- the Drivers for WL-HDD won't install on the WL-HMD. It really needs this version sent to me by Asus (Not available on their web site, apparently ?!)

27-03-2006, 01:16
Nice to hear that it worked, OgeGOon!

I am, by the way, very much interested in the files she sent you. Could you forward her mail to me, so I can upgrade my HMD? Thanks!

29-03-2006, 20:32
For information,

Antiloop has placed these files for the WL-HMD in the wl-hdd sections : http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=4934



10-05-2006, 08:28

Did somebody found a way to flash the firmware from a WL-HMD with oleg firmware??

Is this possible,or not?? Because I want to use my WL-HMD with a d-box2 and I would need oleg´s firmware (WL-HDD) for that.

thanks for help !!