Bekijk de volledige versie : Win98 with network-printer

22-05-2004, 19:57

I need a little help.

I have upgraded the firmware of my WL-500g from ASUS to Oleg's version because the ftp-server did not work. With the new firmware it works and all my friends could download the photos. Great job, thank you very much to Oleg.

But now I have a problem with the attached printer to the parallel port. I have 2 PCs with Win98 running in my LAN and they used the ASUS printer sharing port as described by the ASUS handbooks. Now this is not longer working. I have seen the thread for version with the description about the TCP/IP port monitor. On a WinXP-PC this is no problem - it works. But what is to do on an Win98-PC? I can't find a key to get to a similar dialog.

Who can help?


22-05-2004, 20:35
Some more information I found, but no solution.

Knowledge Base Article 246868 is about the Windows Standard Port Monitor (SPM) but only in 2000 and XP. For NT there is an option in SP3 or later. Win98 ????

Another way goes to samba SMB client tools. But there is only the connection to a samba server in mind and so there is written "for Windows all is built-in for connecting" - that's ok but I think it is only for netbios connections and not for raw tcp/ip printing. I could not find special software.

What else could be used?


22-05-2004, 21:11
There is a link to Axis print monitor on this page (http://www.pigtail.net/LRP/printsrv/)

22-05-2004, 21:48
It works :D :D :D

Thank you very much!