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21-05-2004, 17:43
Has anyone got any recommendations for a "cheap" modem for use with a WL-500g.

I'm in the UK


22-05-2004, 11:06
Any modem could be used, but check for bridge mode if you want to use ddns driven from wl-500g. Also, there is a number of reports, that some modems has connectivity problem with WL-500g see "WAN port dies after ..." topic for details.
Personally I use Dlink DSL-500g and I've no problems at all.

24-05-2004, 12:51
I'm using the DSL300T which works fine. However I needed a new config file from DLINK to enable me to set it up as a pure modem. The install guide showed options to disable the NAT and firewall, but they aren't implemented in the web GUI.

I've just checked the dlink ftp site, and looks like they've put a new version of the firmware which does indeed now include these options (as they promised me the would when I was sorting this out a few weeks ago).

A colleague of mine also uses the dlink DSL300G+ which is just a simple modem and doesn't have some of the extras that the 300T if ou ever did want to use that standalone.