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20-05-2004, 21:40
Another newbies question - hope some can help me again. Thanks in advance.

I have an Asus AAM6000EV ADSL Modem Router and I have been using this fine with an older basic AP.
Now, I have bought a new WL-500g Wireless Router to use with the AAM6000EV so that I can use the more advanced features like Printer Server and FTP server.
However, the only way I can get on the internet is to use the WL-500g in Access Point Mode only. I cannot use it Home Gateway or Router mode. I would like to use the USB FTP server functionality of the WL-500g but I understand this is NOT available in Access Point mode.
If I put the WL-500g in Home Gateway mode I cannot connect to Internet.
Can you please advise how to change the configuration of the AAM6000EV and/or the WL-500g so that I can connect to internet and use the USB FTP server functions.
What functions of the Asus AAM6000EV should I change or disable so that I can then use the WL-500g in Home Gateway mode.

I am currently using the AAM6000ev in PPPoA routed mode and with a ISP supplied IP address with NAT enabled etc.