Bekijk de volledige versie : Where are channels 12 and 13 ?

28-12-2005, 19:35
Hi !

regarding http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=4061... i'm using Oleg's latest but all i can setup in Web interface are channels up to 11. also Auto setting does not find my ap running on channel 13.
wl0_country_code is set to TW (chaning it to DE is possible but after a reboot it's again TW (yes i udes nvram commit)
How i can get the "lost" channels ?

Ciao Gerd

31-12-2005, 14:43
It depends where you are. Channels 12 and 13 are used in the EU and (I think) Japan, but not in the US. It's all to do with what parts of the radio spectrum are licensed for WiFi in different countries.