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28-12-2005, 10:47
Company LAN === ((( Internet ))) === Cable/ADSL-Modem === WL-500 Router === PC

=== ... VPN Tunnel

If you want to use your router, to connect to your companies LAN, make sure to consider the following:

1. You must use a different IP-Range then the company LAN is a very poor choice.
Find out what the company LAN uses, then use some other (example: adress range.

2. In your VPN Client (I use CheckPoint VPN-1 SecureClient), make sure to activate (at Connection - <yours> - Properties - Advanced):
Connectivity Enhancements
- Use Nat Traversal Tunneling - on
-- IKE over TCP - on
-- Force UDP encapsulation - on

Note: means: subnet mask

28-01-2007, 18:13
I am using MS XP Pro SP2 VPN software to make a VPN conection to my office LAN as a WAN (PPP/SLIP) interface - according to ipconfig

When I conect my laptop directly to the internet cable modem, the VPN connects and MS Exchange connects correctly.

However, when I put the router between laptop and modem, the VPN conects BUT exchange does not replicate. It seems that the router is not allowing the laptop to correctly resolver the exchange server name as when I open MS DOS and type:

ping blsrv-exc1

I get diferente results when I am coneted directly to the modem and when via router. When conected to directly to the modem, I get the correct "office" IP and exchange works fine, but when I connect via router, the IP returned is which I guess is due to the fact that the VPN conection is made through ISA Proxy server

Any help / instructions for begginers would be much appreciated!

Many thanks