Bekijk de volledige versie : Will I see MAC addresses of all wireless clients?

18-05-2004, 22:45
I want to buy this device but I can't find any information about DHCP 'transparency'. I have allready DHCP server in my (wired) network and I'd like to connect some wireless clients. I plan to setup one WL-500g as an AP and another in mixed mode. Clients will be connected to the second WL-500g in ethernet ports and I'd like to let my current DHCP server assign IPs to all clients in my network.
So is this device transparent for DHCP packets?

19-05-2004, 12:08
For the AP mode - yes, for others - no, this not possible either.

19-05-2004, 13:45
For the AP mode - yes, for others - no, this not possible either.

Oleg, thank You for reply, but I'm not sure what does it mean for me.

I'll have this network setup:

Internet GW with NAT and DHCP server --> wired network --> AP1 --> wireless net --> wireless clients (each PC with own WiFi card) and wirelessly connected second wired network.

If I use two WL-500g one as a AP1 and another as a bridge(?) between wireless and second wired network, can I assign IP's from my DHCP server to all computers in whole network?

I hope wireless clients behind AP1 will see my DHCP server, but I'm not sure about wired clients in second network (behind second WL-500).