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26-12-2005, 00:06
Hi !

I flashed Oleg's last fw and everthing was fine...
then i set nfs server to on and also changed NVRAM variables wl0_country_code="DE" and wl_country_code="DE" (because i was missing channel 12 and 13 also auto selection seems not to work) in selection list.... after nvram commit and reboot => no more access to my WL-HDD :mad: also reset button procedure seems not to work..
Is ther a chance like on a WRT54G(S) to reanimate the ap ? Power LED , WLAN LED and Ethernet (if plugged) lights)
or => goto trashcan ? It was running as and ethernetbridge with WPA/PSK

Ciao Gerd

26-12-2005, 03:22
consult this link please:


26-12-2005, 12:54
OK Thanks.... i'll give it a try....
I found out that it's not really bricked but the asus needs about 30 minutes to come up (i'll try to disable NFS server next time i cann access to the device....)

26-12-2005, 13:11
Ok here are my missing 30 Minutes at startup...
Jan 1 01:00:15 portmap[73]: user rpc not found, reverting to user bin
Jan 1 01:30:26 kernel: kjournald starting. Commit interval 5 seconds
W/o NFS server it takes approx 20 sec. for restart

BTW: But i'm still missing channels 12 and 13... ? auto does not find my AP on channel 13