Bekijk de volledige versie : Raid 0 + 1 on the Wl-hdd

10-12-2005, 21:18

I have this great idea, but you've got to help me.

I created a 44 to 40 pins converter so right now I have 1 80GB IDE disk on my system. I made a great case-mod zo right now I have a old SCSI case with place for 2 devices holding my WL-hdd and disk.

Now comes the trick and of course the problems;

Does the promis chip support Master/Slave settings? I mean, can I use 2 IDE HDD's?

Does The PDC20265R support linux?
I did some searching, but my feeling tells me that linux does support bios raid cq faik-raid (like this) but this will cost you more than the 16Mb of ram the Wl-hdd gives us.

But Raid 0 must be possible, or not?