Bekijk de volledige versie : 640x480 in ShowWebcamPic.asp

14-05-2004, 09:54
I have upgraded the firmware to CR2 and noticed that in the source of "showwebcampic.asp" 640x480 is mentioned. I'm not sure if the custom release changed anything in this asp?

Any way to use this resolution?


14-05-2004, 12:08
no nothing is changed in CR2 ? CR3 is newest available..

640x480 is not yet possible at PWC cams, the driver is afaik capable of doing 640x480 but 'rcamd' is not atm. but i don't know which commandlines it uses..

16-05-2004, 14:22
ok.. i took the time to finish my linux box..

the commandlines for rcamd are:

printf("Usage: rcamd [options]\n"\
" -d <debug level>\n"\
" -m <max difference threshold=0-255> (lower->more updates, default=30)\n"\
" -s <seconds between frames> (default==1)\n"\
" -f <WidthxHeight obey supported size> define size of the output image (default:640x480)\n"\
" -p <port to listen for connections>\n"\
" -b <brightness=1-500> (default=400 available only cameratype=1)\n"\
" -g <gain=0-4> corresponding to a gain of 2^<gain> (default=0)\n"\
" -t <cameratype=0,1> corresponding to a camera driver (0: pwc or 1: ov511 default=0)\n"\
" -r <record interval=0-65535> (default=60 minutes)\n"\
" -a <alert=0,1> define if alert is on or off)\n"\
" -s <max count for difference threshold=0-999999> (default=100)\n"\
" -z <time zone string>\n");

but i have to go now.. so i'll have a further look into it later

13-07-2005, 22:12
Take a look :