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13-05-2004, 21:54
Since a week I have the Asus WL-500g. I have the latest Oleg customized firmware ( CR3). Before I installed the Asus WL-500g I used to play the free game Enemy Territory online. I used to play for quite some time without any problems. Since I've installed my Asus WL-500g however, after some time playing the game hangs, and the router and modem show have Rx traffic (no Tx (transmitting)). So it seems that the router / modem combination is unable to send more data? Anyways, I am not sure yet what the problem is, but I am wondering if more people have found problems with online games...

18-05-2004, 23:19
I Play very often Enemy-Territory i have the rc3 of oleg firmware and i have no problem playing ET