Bekijk de volledige versie : My Wireless WEP Connect Problem Fixed

09-05-2004, 17:05
When I set up my WL500g for the 1st time I seemed to have a problem with connecting via wireless. I couldn't get WEP to work. Now that I have laptop and wireless card an not just the pocket PC I was trying to connect I dicsovered what was wrong... The aerial connector on the back of the WL500g was a bit loose.

Presumably the earth connection is made to a crimp terminal on the inside of the case, and the loose connection was causing the problems. Now that I have tightened up to nut on the outside of the SMA connector everything is fine. I can create whatever kind of encrypted / non-encrypted connection I want with both the 3COM PCMCIA card and the Linksys CF card.

Thought I'd mention this just in case there's a general problem with the tightening of that nut so other folks can check.