Bekijk de volledige versie : 300g and client mode???

07-05-2004, 21:02
Is there any way to connect 300g in client mode (or something) with Dlink's router DI-624?

12-05-2005, 07:16
Yes if you use olegs latest firmware you should be able to configure youre wl300g in client (or bridge mode). If it works with youre DLinkrouter well try :) Olegs Firmware is superior to ASUS anyways :) so you are not losing anything. I just got my setup working so take a look at this thread http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=1845

31-05-2008, 19:42
Hey miraculix

It would be nice if you could make a step by step tutorial on how you got your wl-300g to work as a wlan client.

The first thing I get stuck on is, do I only need to create a post-boot
as with the "Completely altering boot process ;-)" on Oleg's page http://oleg.wl500g.info/index1759.html#tips
and then add the lines as follows

nvram set wl0_join="wl join MyWifiNet imode bss amode wpapsk"

in the post-boot file

Do I have to setup everything in the web interface before I create the post-boot and then migrate the settings somehow?

Most of this is not clear to me on how to go about, getting it to work as a client. So I'm hoping for an answer here.

I would like to use mine for [Vista64PC] <-crossovercabel-> <[ASUSWL300G]> ((((wifi)))) <[WL-500gP]> <-networkcabel-> {internet ADSL2+}