Bekijk de volledige versie : settings for internal ftp?

04-05-2004, 23:38
Hi all,

I'm trying to set up the internal ftp server of the router.

I can acces the server from the inside network but only as superuser and anonymous. If i make a new user then this will not work. I think it is a problem with my usb stick (which is also mp3-player)

As superuser or anonymous i can put files on the usb stick, so sofar so good.

But from the internet it doesn't work!! I can find the ftp server with dyndns, because it asks for a password. So finding the server is not the problem.

Do I need to set other things as well??
I mean things like a virtual server with IP
I'm a bit confused as a newbie user....

Thanx guys!! :D

05-05-2004, 04:18
ok.. supply us with some more information: firmware version, how does the root look like.. does it have a ftp_pub directory?

also have a look at this url:

and you do not need to set virtual server or something..

05-05-2004, 18:50
Thanx for the reaction from eindhoven......I work in this city :-)

I use the latest asus firmware.
I see on this forum that some directories are needed on the ftp server disk.

I use a usb-mp3-player which can be adressed as a usb-disk.
It is a FAT16 file system.

basic question....do i have to make the user-directories on the ftp server myself or are these automatically generated by the router??

I can put files on this disk via FTP if i log in as super-user or anonimous (if selected ofcourse). But if i make an extra user, it will not recognise the user/password.....
This all only works from the "inside" of the network.

If i log on to the ftp-server from the outside, via internet then another thing happens...
If i log in as super-user the router asks for the password and it reacts on good/bad password. If the password is ok, then it al stops!!! looking for files on the server-disk takes forever!!!

HELP!!! :-)

05-05-2004, 23:16
upgrade to or perhaps if you prefer asus firmware (note is beta)

it's a known issue

oh and for the user dir's, those should be created automatically (my router does it..)

/me also working in ehv :D