Bekijk de volledige versie : No WLAN connection to AP in infrastructure mode

04-05-2004, 16:14

I'm a newby to this forrum and looking for some hints to get my WL-500g and my WL-100g working together.

I installed the AP and after configuring it as a home gateway I instantly got a connection to the internet via LAN. I installed the PCMCIA card on my laptop but was not able to create a connection to the AP. If I configure a peer-to-peer network it seems that there is a connection (signal strength is at maximum) but my laptop did not recieve any packages from the AP. When I switch to infrastructure mode there is no AP visible (using network stumbler I can't detect any AP).

I installed firmware and tried again, without any success. Also Asus here in Germany could not give me any hint. They just told me that there must be an interference with outher wireless networks (bluetooth, keyboard, etc.).

I used the default settings on AP and PCMCIA card without any modifications and without any security settings, just to see that dammed thing!

So I also tried the setup guide provided on this forum without any success. By the way I run Windows XP Pro on my laptop with all updates.

Is there anyone who has any clue what to try now (besides returning the stuff)?



04-05-2004, 18:31
ok.. probably you haven't used the search

try that url
do EXACTLY as told, then it should work fine..

if it works.. change whatever you want..