Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-HDD is trying to connect to other wireless?

18-10-2005, 23:04
Hi all,

Cn someone explain to me why my WL-HDD (latest oleg firmware) is trying to connect to the wireless router of my neighbour 10 times per _second_ continuously?

His log file is full of unauthorized access attempts from my router.

As far as I understand it, the router shouldn't make outgoing wireless connections, should it?

The router is in AP mode, not WDS. And I have the 'factory defaults' appart from some samba shares and setting the security to WPA-PSK and TKIP+AES.

I can access my router normally using my wireless laptop, so it seems to function normally.

However, these access attempts are annoying for my neighbour.

Can someone please explain why this happens, or how to fix it?

Thanks a lot,


20-10-2005, 09:38
I still haven't figured out why my router is connecting to my neighbours.
I think the most logical explanation is that the router is trying to bridge (WDS) to the other router, although the admin page states it is using AP-only.
Can someone explain if I can use telnet to check the AP-only / WDS settings? Where is this configured?



26-10-2005, 21:07

I still haven't figured out why my wl-hdd is trying to connect to my neighbours router 10 times per second(!). His log is full of 'Unallowed access from <my MAC address>'

I have tried a lot of things, and I start to think that this is a bug in the firmware...

Things I have done:
- Bridge mode: AP only
- Client mode: Disabled (I also tried enabled, and add a non-existing SSID in the profile list)
- system restore to defaults
- I even went back to the official firmware (
- I tried rejecting the MAC of my neighbours router

But none of these things seem to help.
I even added an extra wl-hdd to my network to see if I could reproduce this behaviour, but the logging of the wl-hdd seems somewhat hampered. There is very little wireless logging. So, I could not reproduce it with two wl-hdds...

The router it is connecting to is a sitecom.
The only way I can stop the logging is if my neighbour disables MAC address filtering.

There are multiple wireless networks in range, but my wl-hdd is the only one that is trying to connect. This is why I start to think that there is a bug in the Asus firmware (and Olegs as well). But maybe I'm missing something...

Can anyone explain why my wl-hdd is connecting to other wieless routers, and more importantly how to stop it?

And is it true that if my wl-hdd succeeds in connecting to another wireless router (because their security is off) that the two networks are connected, and that I unwillingly have given access to my network? :(