Bekijk de volledige versie : WL-HDD as companion for hacked Ceiva?

22-09-2005, 00:09

I recently purchased a Ceiva for my elderly mom, and it's pretty nice.

I'd like to get one for myself (now only $55!), but the idea of paying monthly service fees drives me nuts. Apparently Ceivas can be hacked, and then need a local Linux system to communicate with via a serial port, which then feeds pictures to the Ceiva one-by-one:

I'm considering using the WL-HDD and its local RAM to store the pictures which would be fed to the Ceiva, while simultaneously continuing to act as a wireless access point (or at least to provide local network connectivity to another access point in the house, just for the WL-HDD itself and its applications). A USB to serial adapter cable will also be required to communicate with the hacked Ceiva.

Does the WL-HDD have enough horsepower to continue to act as an access point and also perform this limited additional role, which might also require a simple web server to obtain photo updates from outside users?

Would there be sufficient additional power to act as an iTunes server or SlimServer, using an external NAS to store the audio files? Or better (cheaper) yet, perhaps USB 1.1 is adequate to import audio data for subsequent streaming, so perhaps an external USB drive plus a small USB hub would be adequate, rather than a NAS. (?)

Thanks for any info ...