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27-04-2004, 07:01

i want to play Age of Mythologie. Therefore i must open the UDP Port 2300.

Where must i configure my 500g?

Must i add the Port in the Port Trigger List or must i add the Port and the Computer who will play as a Virtual Server?

Whats the differenz between Port Trigger and Virtual Server in the Nat Settings?

Greetings Thomas

27-04-2004, 09:54
Port trigger is possible if you have an application that uses an outgoing port, then outgoing traffic on this port from a LAN PC triggers the router to route traffic on a specified port from the WAN to the triggering PC on the LAN. You can maybe use this for your game. Then you would be able to play the game from any LAN PC, but only from one PC at a time (or if it a server based game, you will only be able to have one server at a time within the LAN).

Virtual server is definitely possible, but then you will have to reconfigure the router if you want to play the game on another machine, because in this mode you specify which LAN IP you want to redirect the traffic on the specified port to.

I hope this explains the difference between Virtual Server and Port Trigger.