Bekijk de volledige versie : No connection from PC to Internet

23-04-2004, 12:35
I've trying for 2 days now to get a working connection.
I can access the router. Al the connected computers are getting an IP, Gateway and DNS. I can see my complete local network. This works for wire and wireless.

The router is getting an IP, Gateway and DNS from my ISP by DHCP. But than I can not get any connection to the internet. The only thing that seems to work is DNS. When I
ping www.chupa.com for example, I get the IP-adress of chupa, but also 4 time-outs.

What can this be? If tried so many things. I'm working now with the latest official firmware.

My ISP is quicknet (from the Netherlands) and I have a Cable-modem from Fututer Networks type FN-110.

23-04-2004, 14:01
I have fixed the problem, if installed the firmware and now i internet