Bekijk de volledige versie : Is it safe to use WL-HDD in the car?

15-08-2005, 17:11
Hi. Just received the WL-HDD. Looks pretty good. I am going to set it up so i can use it to stream mp3s from the car. My question is that if i connect it to the cigarette lighter would i damage the drive when i turn off the car the the unit will be turned off the right away. For people who use this drive in the car, what kind of connection do you use. Is it possible to connect straight to the power line in the car so i dont have to use up the cigarrete lighter. Also is it safe to leave it in the car when its very hot or cold weather oustide.

Thank you very much!!!!


16-08-2005, 14:03
I allways turn the device off by pluging out the power cord - no problems so far (but in the car i only read from the drive and its ext3 formatted). I connect it with a 5V power supply on the cigarette lighter, but you can connect it also directly to 12V. This would allow you to access your device in the car while it is parked before your appartement. You could also connect the webcam to see if you get a ticket :-)). I thinks its not safe to let it in the car, when its very hot or cold.

23-08-2005, 07:32
I use it almost exclusively in my car to stream mp3s to my pocketpc. I have it running off an inverter that is connected directly to the battery. It stays on even when starting or turning off the engine. I usually leave it running in the car until I go home for the night.