Bekijk de volledige versie : What MTU settings do I need?

21-04-2004, 11:43
How can I change the MTU for the WL-500G box? The problem is like this, when I use the default settings, I cannot connect to some sites like Hotmail, WindowsUpdate.

I follow some online resources and change my computer's MTU settings and WL-500G MTU settings (thru web interface) by using a good value from:

ping -f -l XXXX www.hotmail.com

Howver I found that when I lower the MTU & MRU settings for the WL-500G (thru web), when I run the ping function again, I need a even smaller MTU value. E.g.

default MTU in Router = 1492

for this I need ping -f -l 1050 www.hotmail.com

So I change the router's MTU to 1050. After reset,

I need ping -f -l 1020 www.hotmail.com in order to get a good ping

Did I set it wrong? Or do I need to change other ethernet adapers like eth0,eth2?

Thanks for the help!!!