Bekijk de volledige versie : Philips PCVC830K & PCVC840 work great but 320x240

20-04-2004, 20:02
I test both 830 & 840 works grat with wl500G (refresh image is little B&W in indoor but activex is ok) but PLEASE!!!!!

Can you compile pwcx.o module for tis router??!!! I need to test and use 640x480 vga mode with this router... Think it is work for 5 min to compile that modul to i can continue with tests.. PLS!!!!! I donot know that i WIN positive...

20-04-2004, 23:29
dunno.. i still have to finish the wl500g shit at my linuxbox
but i don't know exactly how to setup it..

21-04-2004, 01:31
Ok ok i still waiting!... For others: The image on 830K is the same (great) as on 840K,but in wery bad (no light) more dark & slower, with 840K i can look my car on standard night street ligt, but with cam no.. Of corse for normal webcam use is great:), but i will RMA it and buy next 840K