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19-04-2004, 20:31
No Doubt this has arisen before but can a wl-500g work with all the functions of msn messenger? If so how is it set up?
I have XP pro and a wl-500g with latest official firmware and UPnP enabled in router and XP

Any Ideas as my daughter is driving me nuts


15-11-2004, 21:56
I got MSN Messenger to work without using uPNP. The tested features are: instant message and file transfer.

The definitions I did on my WL500g are:

Enable LAN to WAN Filter? No

Enable WAN to LAN Filter? Yes

WAN to LAN Filter
Source IP | Port Range | Destination IP | Port Range | Protocol
*.*.*.* | 443 | *.*.*.* | >1 | TCP
*.*.*.* | 1863 | *.*.*.* | >1 | TCP
*.*.*.* | 1891:1900 | *.*.*.* | >1 | TCP
*.*.*.* | >1 | *.*.*.* | 1891:1900 | TCP
*.*.*.* | 7001 | *.*.*.* | >1 | UDP

Virtual Server List

Local IP | Port Range | Protocol | Description | 6891:6900 | TCP | Messenger

If MSN Messenger does not succeed to establish a file transfer via ports 1891:1900 it shall try it by using port 80 instead. File transfer via HTTP protocol (port 80) are rather slow since files are first uploaded to a Microsoft server and then sent to its intended user.

The definitions above described are to work on host only.

Opening port 80:
*.*.*.* | 80 | *.*.*.* | >1 | TCP

22-11-2004, 20:50
I have noticed that Microsoft has changed the way MSN Messenger establish an FTP connection between clients.

The described port configuration works for MSN Messenger 4.x and/or MSN Messenger 6.x clients that try to connect to version 4.x.

It seems Microsoft has streamlined the way to open a file transaction therefore it takes shorter time to get the file transfer to start. The cons of this new algorithm is that no peer-to-peer connections can be established if firewall is detected.

As it is now on version 6.x the firewall is detected a priori, not like before when the firewall was detected during the process of starting the ftp transactions.

In case a firewall is detected, file transfers are carried out by using the port 80. These type of transactions need from a server in between hence theirs slow performance.