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17-12-2011, 08:23
Hi all,

I have an old wl500g running oleg's firmware. I want to use it to extend the range of my current main router to get a connection in an old garage on the back of our land where the main router does not have wifi reach

This is my plan:
main home
[fiber-internet]<--->[netgear router]<---100m cable to garage--->
-->[wan port of wl-500g]<-->[wireless to ipad]

If I connect a laptop to the long cable I get a nice DHCP response and a stable 100 mbit connection, fixed IP works as well.

my plan was to run the wl500g in home router mode as well but with a different SSID that the main home router.

I configured the wl500g as follows:

GW: (this is the wan port on the netgear)
DNS: my ISP dns

LAN: DHCP between and
router lan ip :

I can connect to the wl500g both wireless and wired, and I can browse to the configuration page on
However, I cannot connect to the internet through the netgear nor can I reach the server attached to the netgear on
If I login on the wl500g with telnet I CAN connect to the server
So conclusion, routing is going wrong on the wl500g.

How should I configure the IP route section (or something else on the WL500g to get a connection through to the outside world)
If you have other suggestion, thats fine as well of course.


08-01-2012, 00:25
Set the wl500g to AP mode or
1) set off the DHCP server on the wl500g
2) Connect the long cable to one of the LAN ports of the wl500g