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14-04-2004, 20:59
I have connected my deskjet 840C on the WL500B router with the newest firmware from OLEG..

the printer is reconized with the printer setup wizard of Asus..as LPT and as USB...after finishing installation...testform is not printed! After that I tried the standard TCP/IP printport with 9100 for LPT and after that with 9101 for USB port...and still not working..somebody can help me...

15-04-2004, 01:21
Look here: http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?s=&postid=1415

15-04-2004, 21:15
is this something:

Jan 1 01:00:27 WL500g user.warn klogd: lp driver: get device ID
Apr 14 20:02:59 WL500g user.warn klogd: Register User Space Key Handler : 656 0
Apr 14 20:02:59 WL500g user.emerg NTP client: time is synchronized to
Apr 14 20:06:18 WL500g user.warn klogd: usb.c: USB device 3 (vend/prod 0x4b4/0xaef4) is not claimed by any active driver.
Apr 14 20:54:51 WL500g user.warn klogd: neg fail
Apr 14 20:54:57 WL500g user.warn klogd: lp driver: get device ID


15-04-2004, 22:19
Does it work before the upgrade to the custom firmware?

15-04-2004, 22:53
I didn't try before the update..because I changed everything in my house...now the deskjet can be attached to the router by LPT or by USB..that's te reason I tried...

First I tried the USB with the printer installation software of ASUS..no reply..then I tried your IP port things..no reply...disconnected USB from Router...printer started to feed 1 paper...connected LPT...testprint...yes result...then I saw I have 9101 in stead of 9100 for USB...changed it back...9101..no answer from printer...back to LPT and 9100...still no answer...and lot of tries other ways around...without any result:mad:

hope you can help...probably with new firmware...please notice..I use the WL500B

20-04-2004, 20:15
Hi Pandabeer,

maybe I got this wrong: You chose the Standard-TCP/IP-Port, RAW-Port 9000/9001?

Then try LPR with queue name LPRServer.

Works fine


P.S.: WL-500g with and HP DJ 990cxi