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12-04-2011, 07:08
I just bought WL-500Wfrom second hand. It was not modified and have original firmware also. I have 16/2 cable connection (pings from 5ms in the same city to 100 ms for other continent). I need to div my connection for 1 PC (lan), 1 notebook (wifi), 2 mobiles (wifi) and Samsung tv via DLNA (lan). There will be also connected for the router usb printer and hdd. Current hdd is fat32 and ntfs. I want to share hdd for the all devices and want to use transmission, rtorrent or libtorrent on router. Atm hdd connected directly to Samsung is able to play all HD movies. How would it be when hdd will be connected via router? I heard about transfers 1-3MB/s. Is it true? If ext3 partition will be connected hdd will still be visible to tv under the lan? What FW will be best for me? Oleg's? Thx in advise.

13-04-2011, 13:41
yes, around 3MB/s
the new RT-N16 is able to get around 7MB/s