Bekijk de volledige versie : CAPI support

13-06-2005, 11:40
I'm running Asterisk on my WL-HDD with several SIP softphones connected. All running fine. Next project is to connect a AVM Fritz! USB in order to give Asterisk some ISDN channels :)

The idea is to compile a kernel with CAPI support, add packages such as libcapi20 and add AVM driver modules.

My question: did any of you already try something similar or does any of you see pitfalls I haven't recognised?


24-01-2006, 14:20
Hi, a small question:

Did you succeed in connecting an AVM Fritz! USB to your Box? AFAIK there is a precompiled library, to which the kernel driver provided by AVM links. So it does not look too good for getting it to work on the MIPS. HoweverI liked to know wheter it works.