Bekijk de volledige versie : firmware problem

12-04-2004, 18:49
Got the following problem after upgrade on firmware.

After the upgrade everything appeared to be working, although was not able to connect to the web interface. after applying the firmware once more, that appears to be fixed.

Looking at the status and the log file I noticed that my printer was not showing up (HP PSC2210 (all-in-one)), doing a test print was failing as well.

Saw the following in the log file:
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 00000000, epc == c00a23b4, ra == c00a2440
Oops in fault.c::do_page_fault, line 192:
$0 : 00000000 c00a0000 0000006e c00a47a7 c00a4f1f 00000000 ffffffff c00a4ed8
$8 : 00002c4b 0000000a 00000000 00000000 8019132a fffffff9 0000000a 807c7cb2
$16: 00000001 80133058 80a2fc02 00000000 808443b8 80aba400 00000000 c0099460
$24: ffffffff 00000002 807c6000 807c7de0 00000000 c00a2440
Hi : 00000000
Lo : 00000057
epc : c00a23b4 Not tainted
Status: 1000fc03
Cause : 00000008
Process khubd (pid: 527, stackpage=807c6000)
Stack: c00a473c 00000000 0000009e 80a2fc02 00000001 00000000 80a2fc00
000003ff 80aba600 c00a2000 c00a4844 80010fac c00a3ec8 c00a3e4c c00a49c0
80183a64 808446a0 00000002 00000001 00000000 00000002 000003f0 00002911
80844383 0030706c 80abcba0 c00a4df8 00000001 c00a4db4 c00a4e18 c0088484
c0088f90 00000190 c0080008 c00995e0 80010fac 80aba428 00000018 00000002
80aba400 ...
Call Trace: [<c00a473c>] [<c00a4844>] [<80010fac>] [<c00a3ec8>] [<c00a3e4c>]
[<c00a49c0>] [<c00a4df8>] [<c00a4db4>] [<c00a4e18>] [<c0088484>] [<c0088f90>]
[<c0080008>] [<c00995e0>] [<80010fac>] [<c00882c4>] [<c00880f4>] [<c0088960>]
[<c0092fc4>] [<80010fac>] [<c00994c4>] [<c008b4d4>] [<c008b460>] [<80010fac>]
[<c008d964>] [<c00977ac>] [<c008d1c4>] [<c008c2fc>] [<80010fac>] [<c008d6d0>]
[<c008dca0>] [<8000d04c>] [<8000cda8>] [<c00994d0>] [<8000eb64>] [<8000ea80>]
[<c00994e0>] [<c00994d0>] [<c008da50>] [<c008dfe4>] [<800113f4>] ...
Code: 10a00021 00008021 24a50004 <80a30000> 2402003b 10620003 00003021 1200000c 00a01821

Also tried booting without printer connected, gave the same message. This printer is working with the latest Asus firmware, but would like to use this implementation.

There was also a serious performance issue, because of that, downgrading was not as easy as it should be using the web interface. Problems were solved with the Asus firmware.

Just recently have the wl500g and following your effort with great interest!

12-04-2004, 20:24
Do you use usb hub or other usb devices? Can you please disconnect all usb devices and power off/on the wl500g and check the logs? Also, have you tried older custom firmwares?

12-04-2004, 20:58

Tried it once more, disconnected the printer (probably with build-in USB hub, as the printer has a card reader) and applied your latest firmware. Looking at the log it didn't show any errors.

Connected the printer again, saw error in the log file :-(

Haven't tried previous non Asus firmwares.

Btw, with the latest Asus one, I could ftp to a memory card in the printer and print.