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06-02-2011, 15:36
Hi guys, I am new in this forum so I hope I get answers here.

Recently a friend of mine gave a wl700ge because he has bought a new NAS. Now I am trying to install it but i dont need to connect to the internet using it, just i need local storage at the moment.

So I connect a ethernet cable to my wireless router (to wan port of wl) and press the ez-setup waiting for the ready led to blink but... LED DOES NOT BLINK :(
I have tried to access the router connecting the cable directly to my laptop but i dont get any IP, I tried to reset the wl pressing the reset button without success :confused: hard reset does not work too (10 secs pressing reset button).
In addition IDE led seems to not been working?
Is possible that HDD is broken?
Would a broken HDD make the whole router fail?

Thanks in advance

08-02-2011, 18:07
If none of the lights work it is probably a faulty power supply.

If all that you are after is storage you could remove the internal IDE arddrive and install it in a desktop.

Using the wl700ge as NAS only is a bit cumbersome and data transfer is slow.

The wl700ge is a great unit for automatic downloads of torrents and usage as media server

08-02-2011, 18:27
actually all light blink except ready one.
so are u telling me that i give it up?
buy a new NAS for example?

is this as useless to throw it away?