Bekijk de volledige versie : Where can i find spec about WL-500g?

12-04-2004, 18:45
Hi all!

I'am just a wanna be WL-500g user (I LOVE LINUX), but i think i need some more information about the box before i buy one.

What i could not found on ASUS's web page:

- Receiver sensitivity
(I need this because i know that my (will be) router can speak lood but what's about it's ears???

- Transmit Power
I know this is changeable but what is the interval can i decrease the transmit power of the radio in the router for example to 1 mw?

Why i need this?
I need this because in our country as in nearly anywhere in Europe there is regulations on the radio output (i think its 100 mwatt), i read somewhere then if i can decrease the output power of the device down to -4 dbm (0.04 mw) but i use high gain antenna and sensitive receiver then i can keep the regulation in my country and also reach high distances.
Is this true or not? (I never used any kind of wifi equipment yet)

Sorry, if i had silly questions, but i'am a beginner.