Bekijk de volledige versie : root password problem

31-05-2005, 17:17
I must be missing something but...

I've d/l and installed the lastest firware from ASUS. set the web password. no problem. reboot, go in go out. all works.

Change to firmware oleg

I can;t log in undert the web or root. no passwords I try seem to work.

The I switch back to ASUS firmware. No issues, custom passwords I'd set last time I had ASUS firware loaded worked. log in log out etc etc.

I can't seem to get the box at all under the custom firmware. telnet or web.

Any suggestions?


31-05-2005, 17:26

31-05-2005, 18:26
you the man.

working now.

now to build a cross compiler enviroment!