Bekijk de volledige versie : how to connect WL-HDD to a WRT54G wireless ?

24-05-2005, 15:22
Hi !

I want my WL-HDD to connect to the WRT54G wireless only.
No other wireless connections directly to the box should be possible.
All access to the WL-HDD should run over the router.

I have the latest official firmwares on both devices but cant get this working !
Is it working with the correct Client-mode settings or do i need WDS ?
Is WDS supported on the WRT (couldnt find any configuration-options in the webinterface of the WRT) ?
Do i have to choose same channel/ssid on both devices or another ssid for the WL-HDD ?
With some settings i tried the WL-HDD hung with WLAN-LED on all the time and i had to remove
its MAC-adress from the filter list in the WRT to being able to connect over cable to it again.
I played around the whole evening and cant figure out the right settings.
Some settings:
- all SSID are invisible
- security is WEP/128 and MAC-filter
- WRT is set to 54MBit only, same on the WL-HDD

Can anyone of you help ?
Thanks in advance, da Fox

24-05-2005, 15:42
just use client function and turn off firewall as it will place your wl-hdd behind it

I am also asuming you are using firmware, if not then I don't know as I don't use my wl-hdd with stock firmwares

24-05-2005, 18:02
here is my actual configuration of the WL-HDD:


Wireless - Interface
Region: Europe
SSID: [SSID of my WRT]
Channel: 7
Data Rate(Mbps): 54
54g Mode: 54g No Protection
Authentication Method: Open System or Shared Key
Encryption: WEP-128Bits
Hide SSID: Yes

Wireless - Bridge
AP Mode: AP only
Channel: 7
Connect to APs in Remote Bridge List? No
Allow anonymous? No

Wireless - Access Control
MAC Access Mode: Accept (MAC of my WRT)

Wireless - Client Mode
Become an AP if no AP can be connected? No
Client Mode: Connect to AP in profiles
Prefered AP [SSID of my WRT]

LAN IP Setting
Get IP Automatically? No
IP Address: x.x.x.x
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: IP of my WRT

>>> LAN is working, WLAN is not working, WLAN LED is on all the time, doesnt flash, Ping - no response

>>> Also i tried to use WDS, but i think that the WRT can only used with WDS if you have a custom firmware (sweasoft ?) installed.

Wireless - Bridge
AP Mode: WDS only
Channel: 7
Connect to APs in Remote Bridge List? Yes (MAC of my WRT)
Allow anonymous? Yes

>>> LAN is working, WLAN is not working, WLAN LED is flashing sometimes, otherwise on all the time, Ping - no response

>>> Firewall for WLAN in WRT54G disabled - no effect

24-05-2005, 19:07
Ok, now i installed firmware
But there is no tab for client mode-settings anymore !?!?
Im lost... :confused:

Btw. - nice functions included in this firmware :D

Edit: I found the settings for client mode ("station") - but that didnt work too.
Still no connection to the WRT54G via WLAN.
Is this such an unusual configuration - i thought it would be wide spreaded ?!

The only thing i can try now is to install DD-WRT firmware on the WRT and use WDS.
But maybe there is still someone who can help me with the client mode ?!

25-05-2005, 20:51
Solution found: had to turn off MAC filtering on the WRT54G ! :rolleyes:

It works fine now in "Client (or "Station") Mode", with SSID hidden in both devices and MAC filtering activated in the WL-HDD.

Not nice that i have to do without the MAC filtering on the WRT, but at least it works... :o

25-05-2005, 21:08
I have a WRT54G with the WL-HDD wirelessly connected with no problems using the MAC filter on the WRT54G. But I did find that I couldn't get the MAC filter on the WL-HDD to work and then I subsequently wondered if in fact it needs to be in operation if the unit isn't being used as an AP? Try switching off the Wl-HDD MAC filter and see if that works.

25-05-2005, 21:15
Yes, you are right - MAC filtering off in WL-HDD now and on in WRT and it works !

Thanks for the tip !!! :D

25-05-2005, 21:39
Glad to be able to help. I got good advice from this forum when trying to set up ftp access so nice to be able to contribute as well.

But you will find that the WL-HDD is even more lethargic when used wirelessly than via Ethernet. If you have any seriously large files to transfer then I find Ethernet works much better. But there is no doubt that it's a neat pice of kit and my next project is to use it as the store for my mp3s and play them wirelessly with a Pocket PC hooked up to my hifi via Bluetooth!

20-06-2005, 23:54
hi ezfox,
I've the same issue with my freebox (it's the wireless modem/router of my ISP)

so could you please post your complete configuration (like your second post) , so I could do the same (and does your channel is the same on both WL-HDD and WRT ?)

thanks for your help